Landscape Lighting Ideas

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Somewhere in the never-ending list of home projects floating from your desk to your kitchen table (come on, we know you have it), there lies the item of outdoor lighting. Whether you’ve invested in curb appeal efforts with your landscaping, or you want to provide safe and secure walkways on your property, landscape lighting should always be carefully planned and properly installed.

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“But Did You See the Topiaries?” The Benefits of Accent Landscape Lighting

If your landscaping is a sight to behold, our planet’s daily descent into darkness really shouldn’t have the authority to obscure it. Luckily, the right ambient lighting will serve to add a whole new dimension to your beautiful outdoor space. Up-lighting and point specific lights will allow you to highlight trees, shrubbery, and structures that take on a fresh personality after dusk. Remember that ambient lighting is intended to accent certain features. You don’t want to flood your outdoor space in bright light to try to match daylight. Well-placed lighting will bring out focal points of your landscape that present well late into the evening.

“Watch Out for That Paver!” Keeping Safe with Pathway Safety Lighting

While landscaping features are a gorgeous asset to your property during the day, some of them become dangerous obstacles after dark. If your goal is to foil any would be robbers by relying on decorative cobblestones as late-night booby traps, then darkness will probably help your cause. But if you’re more likely to just sprain your own ankle after walking the dog, then good lighting may be the better option.

Landscape lighting for safety and security purposes does not have to be obnoxious and unattractive. While motion sensor floodlights certainly shed light on a situation, you aren’t exactly trying to divert any ocean liners away from your garage door. Much like ambient lighting, security lighting can be point specific to focus on both aesthetic and safety. Up-lighting in the right location can attractively highlight an alcove while preventing it from being a convenient hiding spot. Pathway lighting reduces trip hazards while adding an appealing nighttime dimension to pavers.

Outdoor Lighting Calls for Quality and Keeping it to Code

Since your outdoor lighting is going to be exposed to the elements year-round, quality fixtures will provide the most long-term value. Low budget lighting typically fails within two years, and replacements aren’t always available. Since low budget and DIY often go hand in hand, it’s important to keep in mind that electrical installations must adhere to local and national codes. Low budget lighting, installed without regard to protocol, could cause your entire landscaping investment to go up in smoke.

Hawke Electrical’s certified electricians are more than happy to walk your property with you, identify the most cost-efficient installation plan, guide you through product options, and expertly install your new landscape lighting. When you work with our team, you’ll recognize the lasting value of trusting professionals to create the outdoor light scape that enhances your home’s curb appeal.
Whether you’re in the early planning phase, or you’re ready to choose fixtures, contact us to design the perfect landscape lighting for your budget and property needs.