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If you’re looking for air conditioning service in Margate, then you’ve come to the right place. At Hawke Air Conditioning, we are here to help you live better by staying cooler in Broward County. We’ll also try to take your stress away when it comes to fixing or replacing your air conditioning in Margate, FL. Our job is to keep you cool so you can keep focusing on the things you love!

Our AC Service in Margate

We offer comprehensive air conditioning service in Margate. We’ll repair your air conditioner, replace it with a new one, or maintain your unit so it will keep working well over the years. No matter what you need when it comes to air conditioning, our specialists can get the job done fast. Call us when you don’t want to worry about your air conditioning in Margate anymore.

Air Conditioning Repair in Margate, FL

If you think you need an air conditioning repair in Margate, FL, call us ASAP. Our team will get to you fast, find the problem, then put the best solution in place as quickly as we can. We work fast because we don’t want you and your family to get too hot at home. Don’t put off calling us because the sooner you do, the sooner your AC will work again.

Signs that you need AC repair in Margate include:

  • Your AC won’t turn on, or it’s stuck on and doesn’t turn off
  • Your AC will turn on and off, but it does so quickly and repeatedly and doesn’t cool the house
  • Your AC makes unusual sounds
  • Your AC leaks
  • Your AC blows lukewarm or warm air, not cold
  • You are hot at home even when it seems to be running normally

Contact us at Hawke as soon as you notice these problems and we’ll be there soon to get it fixed fast.

AC Installation

When it’s time for a new air conditioning installation in Margate, rely on our team to help you get the best new unit, order it for you, deliver it, then install it properly. We perform every installation according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll turn the unit on when we’re done and test it, too, just to ensure full functionality for you.

We’ll help you pick out a new air conditioner based on:

  • The number of people living in your home
  • The square footage it will be required to cool
  • Your preferences on energy-saving appliances
  • Your level of satisfaction with your current AC unit

Once you select your new air conditioner in Margate, we’ll have it installed as soon as possible for maximum cooling this summer!

AC Maintenance

Maintain your air conditioner to keep it cooling well for years! Our Margate air conditioning pros will keep it working efficiently so it will use less energy, lowering your costs, and experience less wear and tear, extending the life of the unit. Our AC maintenance process is thorough so we’ll find out if there are any problems you need to address to keep the unit working well.

Our AC maintenance in Margate includes:

  • A part-by-part inspection of the whole unit to ensure the functionality of each component
  • Changing filters
  • Inspecting the ductwork and any other parts of the system we can see
  • Cleaning dust and debris out of the unit itself

If we find any problems, we’ll let you know and get started on your AC repair in Margate fast so you can get back to having reliable AC again soon!

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If you need AC replacement, AC maintenance, or air conditioning repair in Margate, FL, call us at Hawke Air Conditioning today. One of our skilled, professional team members will be at your door soon to provide the air conditioning service in Margate you’ve been looking for. Contact us now because there’s no need to get too hot at home this summer!

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