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Hawke Electrical, Inc. started many years back as a renovation company. Hawke Renovations specialized in residential and commercial renovations. Our specialty was transforming “Zombie” buildings and structures back into viable real estate. Our roots have always been family business oriented. Our philosophy has been and always will be, “Train yourself and your people to be the very best at what you do”.

In 2003 Kevin became the president of the company. The construction market was changing and the mindset at the time was becoming a teardown and building a new mantra. We had always had an electrical division so it was decided that the time was right to focus our attention on our electrical and power distribution endeavors. Renovations were dropped and Hawke Electrical, Inc. was born!

Our past included construction, electrical, and generators. We had done quite a bit of commercial and industrial power generation over the years and by 2007 home power generation was becoming more commonplace. The issue that was growing as rapidly as the demand for generators was no one was actually offering quality, knowledgeable repair services. In 2007 it was decided a dedicated generator division was needed. The “Train yourself and your people to be the very best at what you do” was applied and today Hawke Electricals’ generator division is in full effect. We are currently working on EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems) certification for our technicians. We even repair portable units. Don’t take it to the mower shop bring it to the experts.

Over the years, we have completed a variety of electrical projects. We have done 100’s of residential rewires. We have a lot of knob and tube knowledge. We have done quite a bit of distribution. (Transformers, meter banks, switchgear, MDP’s and medium voltage private services.) We have done 100’s of service upgrades. We can easily take care of your retail and restaurant needs.

Our list of satisfied customers includes American Eagle, Aerie, Sunglasses Hut, Moe’s Grills, Starbucks, Motherhood Maternity, Dress Barn, Yogurtland, Party Fair, and 5 Below just to name a few. We have done two apartment complexes and all the distribution. In 2016 we did a seven-story condo building in the City as well as the 13,200-volt vault room.

By 2015, after years of being in Conshohocken, we realized we had long grown out of our facility. We were doing a lot of in-house repair of generators of all types. (My personal favorites were the lunch truck generators). We had generator inventory and electrical materials stacked everywhere. We had grown out of our building. The company was in the process of looking for a new place when Kevin found the rattiest abandoned building in West Norriton. (Remember Hawke Renovations and the “Zombie building” past). So, we bought it. We went to the settlement in October and started the demo. Maryellen came up with the basic design and by January 2, 2016 permits were approved and construction began. We moved in on April 22, 2016. To better serve our customers the new building even has a showroom. It is ever-evolving and it affords us the opportunity to be able to meet with our customers, show you different products, and be on call to answer your questions.

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