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PowerPro designation is the most comprehensive elective program available for members of the Generac Dealer network. These dealers meet a stringent set of requirements ensuring customers receive a best-in-class sales and service experience when purchasing Generac products.

Outstanding Reviews

PowerPro dealers employ a dedicated staff of power generation experts, carry Generac as their primary generator line, provide 24/7 support, maintain market-appropriate parts inventory, and consistently receive high reviews from their customer base.

A standby generator knows when the power is out at your house, through a transfer switch and will automatically start up in less than a minute to restore electrical power to your home, even if you are not there. An automatic standby generator runs on your homes natural gas or LP fuel supply and is less expensive and more convenient to run than gasoline models and does not need to be manually refilled.
See how a Generac Generator will protect you in the event of a power failure

Make sure you’re prepared for the next power outage and protect yourself from:

  • Heat Loss (Bursting Pipes)
  • Air Conditioning Loss (Mold and Mildew Build-Up)
  • Refrigeration or Freezer Loss ($1,000’s in Lost Food)
  • Sump Pump Loss (Flooded Basements)

Here are a few things you should think about before an estimator comes to your home:

What appliances, lights, or maybe medical equipment do you consider essential and would need to be operated in an emergency?

What items on your list do you normally run at the same time? For example, people usually run their air conditioner and refrigerator at the same time.

Is an air conditioner on your list? Air conditioners are often the largest electrical load and usually determine the size of the generator you need.

Get Only What You Need

No matter what your requirements are, we can install a home standby generator that will fit your needs. You may want to cover just the basic critical needs of appliances. We might recommend a 12kW to 20kW to use your air conditioner or power your whole house, or an even higher wattage liquid-cooled model if it’s a larger home and you need all the appliances available in case of a power outage. We also have generators available if you are a small business owner who can’t afford to lose power. These generators offer three-phase power to keep your business running smoothly.

Tell me what I need to know about generators!

Well, it’s no secret that the power grid is getting a little “long in the tooth.” Power outages due to storms, system breakdowns, and overloads are increasing at an alarming rate. Generators generate electricity for you to use to power your electrical needs. A generator is nothing more than a personal power plant at your fingertips that you control. It’s that simple! Now there are some different ways to control it and distribute it so here’s some more of what you need to know.

  • Portable generator (You can purchase a portable generator and a bunch of extension cords). With this option, you will need to remove the generator from storage. Please, please please do not run a generator in an area where you or your family can be subjected to the ravages of carbon monoxide poisoning. I know it sounds like common sense, but unfortunately, every year people die from the ravages of this danger. Please use caution. You then need to connect whatever you want to run to the extension cords and then to the generator.
  • Portable generator with a manual transfer panel (This is the best option if you have a portable generator). Hawke Electrical will install a manual transfer panel and a remote connection box to connect the generator to. The loads are already tied into the manual transfer panel. This way only the cord from the generator to the remote connection box is required. When the power goes out simply connect the cord, flip the switches and the chosen loads are energized. When the power comes back on flip the switches back and remove the generator. Simple as that.
  • Permanently installed automatic generator. Managed loads (Better option, a little more money). Most of the time we don’t need to turn on everything. Unless you have kids they apparently need all the lights on all the time, but that’s another story. A managed loads system allows us to size a unit a little smaller and using “Load shed” technology manages the available current to allow more power to more things. For example, I hook up the A/C to the generator and a bunch of other stuff. If I don’t manage these loads I could bog down the generator and very possibly damage it or the items I am trying to power. With “Load shed” technology the generator’s “brain” can manage and disconnect loads if the need arises. This is a good way to spend a little more but get a lot of potential items powered.
  • Permanently installed automatic generator. I want it all!! (Great option, most expensive). We had a customer tell us to size his generator so that if his wife wanted to cook a 5-course meal while drying her hair and watching TV during a power outage she could. We can size the unit so that it will run it all. The power goes out, the power comes on it’s that simple.

Most portables run on gasoline or diesel fuel

Most of the permanent units we install run on natural gas or propane. If you have natural gas in the home we will verify that there is enough volume and plumb the generator right in. If you don’t have natural gas we will bring in our propane people and get you set right up to run on propane. Let Hawke Electrical, Inc. do a site evaluation and take all the worry out of your next power outage.

Reviews from our Generator Customers

Customer Ratings and Reviews: EA in Bryn Mawr

The choice of a generator and an installation firm are important. I recently had a 22KW Generac installed and was impressed by both the sales and the installation teams. After doing extensive research, I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and fairness in the discussion around the choice of the generator/maker. Their knowledge, expertise, and ultimately quality installation was solid. Their attention to detail including handling of neighboring equipment and piping was stellar. I recommend them highly and will be transitioning future electrical work to their firm

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Rich from Broomall

Hawke electric installed a new 100 amp breaker panel, whole house surge protection, a 100amp manual transfer switch and xg8000 Generac generator job was neat and clean. Generator was load tested when complete and worked seamlessly. nice to have backup power if needed. thank you Hawke for a wonderful job.

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Chase in King of Prussia

I can’t say enough about Hawke Electrical Inc. and all their employees. We just had a 16KW generator system installed and the team that installed it were wonderful. Everyone acted in a very professional manner. I was very inquisitive about all they were doing and they took the time to explain it to me in a fashion I could understand. I live in an area where when the wind blows we lose power, for once I can’t wait for a small outage!

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Jim in Eagleville

They were extremely helpful in getting my system running even though they did not install it. They went out of their way to get Generac to supply the parts to repair the generator even though it was out of warranty and no real run time on it. I would recommend them to anyone.

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Tom in Radnor

No one better!!!! I am pleased with every aspect of my experience with the people at Hawke! They answer their phones, they are true professionals, and they do what they say they will do. I had them install a 27kW generator and it works great. Thanks guys!!!!

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Curt in Willow Grove

Excellent Service and Installation: After reviewing different installers , chose Hawke Electrical , Top notch service with a clean installation and great walk through of the functions and features of the standby generator, We got the 14kw model , and they made sure we didn’t over power our application , as we started looking at the 17kw version initially.

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Ricardo in Devon

The dealer is fantastic!! We interviewed several contractors and chose Hawke Electric based on their knowledge, responsiveness, professionalism, and friendliness. We cannot say enough about how terrific they are. From sales to installation, they were fantastic – on time, on budget, neat, clean, and friendly. I plan to hug our new 22kw Generac every time we lose power!! Thanks, Hawke!!!!

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Larry in Wayne

Wonderful to deal with. We hired Hawke Electrical to service our new Generac generator and have been thrilled with their service. On top of that, they are a pleasure to deal with and quick to respond. We now intend to use them for ALL of our electrical needs. I don’t normally write these reviews, but I like to see good people do well and these are good people.

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Jerry in Colmar

Nicely Done: Just had a back up generator installed for our business by Hawke Electrical. From the first meeting to the final test these fellows are top notch professionals! Always had the right answers, were neat in appearance and while working. I will definitely be having Hawke install a generator at my house.

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Greg in Conshohocken

Fabulous: These guys get the job done! Neat, clean, friendly. We had a 20kW whole house generator installed and it was a seamless project. They handle everything. Thanks for the good job guys!

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