Why Choose Us

At Hawke Electrical, Inc. we understand you have lots of options when choosing an electrician to work on your projects.

Our goal is to show you that we are the right choice.

We continually push our people to follow the 5-star mission developed over years of working with our customers. Whatever the project. Whether it is hanging a ceiling fan, changing a receptacle, rewiring your home, or wiring your restaurant.

Whatever your electrical needs are we promise to always:

  • Strive For Excellence
  • Put The Customer First
  • Act With Integrity
  • Listen Then Act Decisively
  • Treat Our Valued Customers How I Would Want to be treated.

It is five simple points we demand of our people so that your experience with us is a pleasant and memorable one. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience with Hawke Electrical, Inc. So here are some of the things I can do to ensure that happens.

Training – Our technicians are always learning. In the electrical industry, there are always new techniques, new ideas and new products. We continuously train and update so we can deliver the best products, skills, information and knowledge to our customers.

Cleanliness – Keep it clean! We drill this into our technicians. Treat the customer’s homes and business like the castle it is. Drop cloths, shoe protectors and courtesy. We want you to remember us for the quality we leave behind. Not a mess.

Doing It Right – We have a saying at Hawke Electrical, Inc. “We don’t engineer, install or otherwise create problems.” It is our firm belief that if we do it right, everybody wins! The customer is happy, the boss is happy and the feedback is positive. The alternative causes everyone to lose sleep. We believe in doing it right!

Options, options, options – There is only the right way but in this industry, there is usually more than one way. We provide options. We consult with the customer, understand the budget, and talk to the inspectors, engineers and our electricians. We will deliver options and get it done.

We are human – We strive for excellence and firmly believe the principles in our mission. We choose, train and retain the best personnel we can find. That said, we are human. We sometimes make mistakes. At Hawke Electrical, Inc. rest assured we will bend over backward to fix our mistakes and make it better than when we started. That is the difference.

Hawke is your trusted professional electrical service provider.

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