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Show off the beauty of you home! Hawke Electrical offers a variety of outdoor and landscape lighting that adds value to your home while offering beauty and safety. Working with our team of experienced, licensed electricians, we install landscape lighting in Collegeville, Villanova, Doylestown, and everywhere in between!

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Stay Safe with Landscape Lighting

Not only does outdoor lighting help beautify your property, but it also makes for a safe home. For instance, good ground lighting is necessary for safety during the winter months, while all-weather outdoor lights can illuminate driveways, walkways, homes, and other buildings even during snowstorms.

Along with that, reliable landscape lighting can deter potential threats and unwanted guests, making your home that much safer and easier to navigate.

Whether you’re looking for landscape lighting in New Hope, Berwyn, Fort Washington, Wayne, or somewhere else in the Philly Suburbs, Hawke Electrical can help you pick out the best solutions to light up any setting.

Enhance Your Home with Accent Lighting, Path Lighting & More

While safety is important, Hawke Electrical shines when it comes time to find the right outdoor lighting to display your home’s true beauty. Some ways you can use landscape lighting to enhance your home include:

  • Adding outdoor accent lighting to show off your home’s important features such as landscaping or stonework.
  • Installing carefully hidden outdoor light fixtures to illuminate your home’s trees and other plantings.
  • Adding colorful lights in a swimming pool area or focused on a fountain to enhance these water features at night.
  • Set a mood by installing patio lighting or other outdoor areas lights with a dimmer.

Let Hawke Electrical Help with Outdoor Light Selection

There are so many different outdoor lighting options that making the right decision can be confusing. That’s why our lighting experts at Hawks Electrical can listen to your ideas and suggest the best lighting to fit your budget. We show you the different types of lights and how they can be used on your property. We also explain the wiring and installation procedures, making sure you understand each step we take with your home.

Below are just some of the landscape lighting options we offer:

  • Entry Lighting
  • Post Lights
  • Garden Lighting
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Patio and Porch Lighting
  • Tree and Yard Lighting

We Do Outdoor Lighting for Commercial Properties, Too!

Good outdoor lighting is necessary for multi-family residential buildings and office buildings. Attractive lighting will add to the beauty and safety of any apartment community or condominium while highlighting the landscape and hardscape along with pathways and driveways.

Outdoor lighting must be professionally installed for safety since much of the wiring is underground. The licensed electricians at Hawke Electrical are experienced at installing outdoor lighting that is always code compliant. We also maintain outdoor lighting by checking wiring and connections for corrosion or shorts. We take pride in doing everything right the first time and guarantee our work!

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